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Security tokens are the inevitable future of token offerings. Combining the best elements of traditional financial markets with advantages of the new technology they will enhance the level of investors’ trust and increase the attractiveness of Security Token Offerings.

Security Token Issue platform by Tokenomica is one of the first platforms on the market that provides users not only with technical tools to issue a security token but also with a fully compliant regulatory framework as well as direct access to a secondary market for such tokens.

Our security token issuing platform provides you
with all the necessary tools to issue fully compliant security tokens and get access to secondary markets. Here is how it works:

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You fill in an online questionnaire which will help you to decide on the type of security token and jurisdiction for the issuance.
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Once you decide on the instrument and jurisdiction, you will be able to provide details that will form basic conditions for the investors. By completing this step, you will have your security token designed.
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To proceed with the issuance and get it the process going, we will ask you to provide additional information for service providers connected to our platform who will support the issuance process in their jurisdiction.
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Once all the legal formalities are completed and all the information is confirmed by service providers, you will be able to issue the tokens on the Waves blockchain through our platform.
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After the issuance, you will be able to directly request a listing of your assets on our licensed security token exchange.
If you want to leave your feedback or have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected]

Security Tokens Defined

We define security tokens as financial instruments subject to securities markets regulation that are issued and traded with the use of blockchain.

Security tokens may improve traditional finance world and open doors to new investors, speed up execution of transactions and ensure high level of compliance with regulatory requirements.

Securities market has evolved over the centuries and now there are different kinds of securities with different sets of characteristics. Choice of financial instrument both for the issuer and the investor depends on a number of factors and those are applicable for security tokens as well.

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Security market may look complicated. That's why we created an automatic tool which can be used to design your security token following a step-by-step process including:

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Select the right jurisdiction to
issue your security token

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Define financial instrument
matching your business needs
and investor’s appetite

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Prepare documents and engage service providers required for
legally compliant STO


Is your platform complete?

Not yet. The product you see is just an MVP.

What will be the differences between MVP and the completed platform?

In MVP we gathered the information on security legislation that can be useful during the token structuring. The information is not full yet - we plan to add more elements, countries and instruments to our platform. Still, by completing our questionnaires you can already figure out which instrument suits you best and connect with the service provider - at the current stage you just may need to provide additional explanations and information to proceed with the token issuing. In the future, we will substantially simplify this process and reduce to a minimum the need for additional interactions.

Can I issue a security token using the present features?

Not yet, but you can structure the token and present the structuring to service providers, that will help you finalize the documents and proceed with the token issuing. We will notify when the new features, allowing the direct issuing will be available on our platform.

How much does it cost?

Right now we do not charge anything. You can freely find out what jurisdiction and type of security suit you best. After it we will connect you with our partners to finalize the legal issues, they will talk to you about the numbers. Our services are free, but our partners will charge money for assistance with legal entity's incorporation and preparation of the documents. We will provide you with a costs' estimation after the questionnaire.

How long will it take to complete everything?

That depends on you and the instrument that you would like to issue. The process of filling the documents is not very long and can be done in less than an hour if the company is already registered and you are sure about the instrument you want to use.

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